Saturday, 25 August 2012

A plantable postcard

Last week while getting a coffee, I noticed an interesting free postcard in the Avant card display.

 I was initially attracted by the colours and thought it could be something to add to the collection of postcards brightening up my desk at work. When I picked it up though, I noticed it was made of recycled paper and full of tiny seeds.  Looking closely, they are apparently lemon scented bottlebrush (callistemon citrinus). I don't normally plant native shrubs in the garden mostly because there isn't the room. However, the front of the property has a number of natives and if this grows I can add it to them and hopefully attract more birds and bees.

Following the instructions on the card I soaked it for a few minutes to let the paper soften while I got a small pot ready.

The card fell apart as soon as I picked it up, so rather than trying to lay it flat I rubbed it into the potting mix and spread the seeds around.

Now I'll just have to wait and see if it grow!

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