Friday, 3 August 2012

Spring is in sight

The sun is out, the windows are wide open, and there is a feeling of warmth in the air. It is only early August, but it is starting to feel like the worst of winter is over and time to start getting back in the garden. As I wondered outside earlier this morning, it suddenly became clear how badly my garden has become neglected over the past few dark dreary months. The garden beds are full of weeds, there are strange plants taking over my pots, and the lettuce have gone crazy! Fortunately everything is still alive and looking green - it just needs a little bit of love.

So - this weekend I plan to have a garden clean out. That is, if this amazing weather holds out and its not back to the usual drizzle and icy winds that whip through Melbourne.

There are still plenty of signs of new spring growth in the garden. The sprouting garlic I picked up last week at the local farmers market is settling in well to its new pot.

The lemon tree I had almost given up on is now sprouting new growth. This tree received a rather agressive prune after coming home from the nursery, on the advice of the staff. I thought I might have gone a little too far when it then decided to spend the next 6 months hibernating and pretending to be dead. It is back though, and should start to have branches and leaves (and hopefully lemons) in no time.

Throughout the garden flowers are popping up. These interesting orange ones recently grew out a a succulent, and the pink snap dragons below are a surviving remnant from last summer.

 The peas are beginning to flower, some mint I pulled out from between the brick pavers is taking off in its new home, and the broccoli and kale (despite a slow start) are now beginning to take off.

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