Saturday, 4 August 2012

Where has the day gone?

I got a bit distracted at the garden shop today, so by the time I'd got everything home and unpacked there wasn't a whole lot of light left. However I did manage a few jobs that have piling up over winter.

I've FINALLY repotted my lemon tree. I'm sure it will grow out of this pot eventually, but for now it has somewhere to live.

I also refilled the water tank. A garden without a tap can be rather annoying, and I mostly end up filling buckets from the house. The other option is a hose over the fence, but this means walking out the front door and around the building to turn the hose on, then running back around, through the house, out the back door - to try and catch the hose and release the pressure before it explodes! Followed by the same in reverse when I want to turn it off again. There have been a few annoying water explosions doing this! So - my solution so far has been to fill a plastic water tank from the hose, and use this to fill a watering can. I still need to do the sprint around the house when its been hot and I want to give the garden a really good watering, but for the occasional drink when its not raining the tank and watering can work just fine.

Finally, I've put some more lawn seed down to fill in all the holes that have appeared over winter. There is rain forecast all week so it seems like a good time to give it another go. This time I've gone with a self repairing variety, Kikuyu, to see if this works better. The ground is almost all clay, and the previous varieties I've tried have been so thin that it's time to try something different. More on the lawn another day.

I'll leave with a glimpse of some of the mess I'm going to need to deal with tomorrow. Hopefully now this photo is up here it will motivate me to actually get to it all!

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